Chasme Badoor Preview

Chasme Baddoor-Movie Review


4/5 star (Four Star)

Star Cast:

Ali Zafar,Siddhartha Narayan,Tapsee Mannu,Divyendu Sharma,Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chawla,Anupam Kher, Lilette Dubey,Ayaz Khan and Varun Dhawan.


David Dhawan

What's Good:

Comedy, performances of the star cast and songs of the movie.

Decision - Watch or Not ?

'Chasme Badoor' releasing on 19 April a comedy movie based on love and friendship, entertaining movie full of lots of drama and punches that will make you laugh like anything.

Movie Plot (Story line):

'Chasme Badoor' is a remake of old Chasme Badoor but David Dhawan has added more spice, comedy , drama and entertainment in this movie.
Ali Zaffar, Tapsee Pannu-Chashme Baddoor-Movie Stills
The plot of the story is like this-Sid played by Ali Zafar, Omi played by Divyendu Sharma and Jai played by Siddhartha are best friends and live together in a small house in Goa.
Sid is a simple man living  a normal life but his two friends they are the biggest flitrers who are in Goa just because of the girls, they both are fond of girls.
Then a new girl enters in their life, a girl came to live in their neighborhood named Seema played by Tapsee Pannu. and then these two womanizing personalitty started to flirt with her.

The story of Chasme Badoor revolves around how these two fitrers try to trap Seem in their Love? or Is Seema really comes in Jai and Omi's influence? What problems Sid has to face in his life because of his two womanizing friends?

Chasme Badoor Preview: Actor Performances

On having the first look of the movie Chasme Badoor performance of Ali Zafar is seeming marvelous, he hasplayed the role of a simple man among two fliterers very well.
Jai and Omi are also looking good as womanizing personalities, they have truly justified their role as what I can say after seeing the trailer of the movie.
Seema played by Tapsee Pannu is superb in her character, she has played the role of a smart girl who didn't come easily in influence of others easily.

Chasme Badoor Preview: Music, Direction & Technical Aspects

On having the first look of the direction, David Dhawan has nicely executed the script, on seeing trailer one can easily say that the punches are very good they will make you laugh like anything plus the comedy timing is also good.
Screenplay is looking superb, when I talk about the music part then it is marvelous. songs like 'har ek friend kamina hota hai' , 'Dichkyaoon dhoom dhoom' are running very successfully and have become quite famous among the audiences.

Chame Badoor Preview: The Last Word

Chasme Badoor is a movie that will give provide you with 'lot pot wali hasi' you won't be able to resist yourself from laughing plus you will be seeing Tapsee Pannu in mini skirts, so I will say it's an entertaining movie, you must watch it out!!!

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